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The 2017 State of Resilience Report - The Future of IT: A View of Practices and Progress
For the past 10 years, Vision Solutions Insights has compiled the last word on IT in the business world with our annual State of Resilience Report. This year, we have once again surveyed thousands of respondents for perspective on their unique environments. This comprehensive paper discusses all the pressing trends regarding migration, data sharing, HA/DR and the cloud.

View this on-demand webcast detailing the key findings from this milestone study. We take a look at the past decade in Power and Windows systems and what the future holds for modernization. Build strategies and learn where your business stands against some of the leading names in the industry. This short hour will cover the entire landscape of IT today including:
  • What's driving an increase in failed migrations from 36% in 2014 to 51% in 2016
  • Why there's a widening gap in achieving RTO and RPO goals
  • What 50% of respondents say is their biggest challenge to adopting the cloud
  • What puts you at the highest risk for data loss
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Migration without Downtime
Is your business ready to migrate across different Power Systems environments? Does it have the platforms, hardware and operating systems to stay agile and updated? Join us as we help organizations like yours migrate to new hardware, all while keeping your systems in sync and functioning at the highest levels. If you’re one of the 66% of IT professionals who have delayed a migration, this webcast will inspire you to get started with the latest technology.

Key Topics to be covered:
  • Near-zero downtime data migration
  • Safe testing of replicated servicers
  • System configuration changes
  • Easing your IT staff’s burden
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Save Your Business from Downtime
Learn the Latest in HA/DR Trends and Solutions for IBM i

Are you prepared to defend your business from all forms of downtime and data loss? Are you confident in your ability to save the day if disaster strikes? Do you have the information on trends and technology to make confident choices in high availability and disaster recovery options?

Join us for this information packed webinar as Vision Solutions shares HA/DR trends gathered from survey research, unlocks the details on HA/DR technology options, and explores new ways to obtain the level of availability your business requires.
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IT Resilience is Trending
Join our experts as they discuss critical issues uncovered in Vision Solutions' survey on IT trends. We will cover the current landscape of resiliency across HA/DR, cloud computing and data sharing while getting you prepared for your own future.

Topics include:
  • Popular upcoming business initiatives
  • Risk management and protection concerns
  • Common behaviors in cloud environments
  • Pressing needs to share data in business
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Learn All About MIMIX Share 5.4
Join us for an exclusive webinar to learn how the features in MIMIX Share 5.4 can resolve the challenges of sharing data between databases in real time.

If you know your data is in departmental silos or disparate databases, this solution can help you free your data and enable better reporting, businesses intelligence and analytics. Use real-time database replication to move your data freely to the databases where it is needed, when it is needed, and in the format required. And if you rely too much on traditional ETL methods, we’ll look into how MIMIX Share 5.4 uses automation technology to save time and money with no custom programming required.

Topics include:
  • Market trends in data sharing as reported by Vision Solutions Insights
  • The challenges that traditional ETL processes have on timely decision making
  • An introduction to the features and additions to MIMIX Share 5.4
  • How businesses just like yours use automated data sharing in the real world
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MIMIX Availability Makes Total Confidence Possible
85% of IT pros report having less than complete confidence that their recovery plan is tested and ready to meet RPO and RTO standards. If you’re one of these professionals, join us for a hands-on webcast that will help you knock out DR challenges with MIMIX Availability. 

Key Topics covered in this on-demand webcast include:
• Trends in HA/DR 
• An intro to MIMX Availability 
• A Virtual Switch Demonstration 
• Expert Q&A 
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iTera 6.2 Upgrades
Critical insights and answers to upgrading to iTERA Availability 6.2 will be shared by Vision Solutions experts Craig Hartwig, Advisory Solution Consultant, and John Dunn, Senior Project Manager.
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HA/DR Insights, Cloud and DRaaS Trends
Join us for a recorded webcast covering the trends and insights that businesses, just like yours, reported on in the HA/DR survey. If you’re one of the 85% of IT professionals who lack total confidence that your HA/DR plan is complete and fully tested, you will want to learn from the experiences of others and start building a business continuity strategy you can rely on.

Topics include:
  • The latest HA/DR trends as described by surveyed companies
  • The evolution of DRaaS planning in the IT world
  • The tightening demands of recovery point and recovery time objectives
  • The confidence businesses have in their DR plans and the real state of recovery from outages
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Managing Your HA/DR Environments
Use Vision Solutions' tools to craft best-practice HA/DR that will give you and your staff 100% confidence. This on-demand webcast covers the importance of creating a complete, tested HA/DR plan and its role in the continuity and survival of any business with an IBM Power i, AIX or iTERA environment. Whether you have critical data that must remain available or simply can’t afford the cost of downtime, our experts will help you!
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iTERA Availability - Advanced Tuning and Auditing
Keep your iTERA HA Solution Performing at Optimal Efficiency

You have a lot at stake if critical data, applications or servers aren’t available for staff, customers and business partners. In addition to financial penalties imposed by strict regulations and service level agreements, your reputation and the future of your business can be at risk.

Join the experts from Vision Solutions to learn how advanced tuning and auditing techniques for iTERA Availability keep your HA system performing optimally and protect your business from all forms of downtime – server or storage failure, regional disaster, user error or even simple routine maintenance. Topics covered include:
  • Performance tuning
  • Load balancing
  • Auditing technique
  • Regular health check items
  • How Vision can assist
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