MIMIX Availability for AIX

High availability with point-in-time recovery for IBM AIX

MIMIX® Availability for AIX is a proven, full-featured solution for the high availability and rapid data recovery you need to protect your business – and to avoid the consequences of outages, data corruption and data loss.


Real-time replication

The advanced real-time replication technology in MIMIX Availability for AIX allows it to scale to enterprise transaction volumes and support aggressive recovery time and recovery point objectives.

  • Captures changes to applications and data in real time and replicates them to a local or remote recovery server
  • Allows your production server and secondary server to be separated by just a few feet or hundreds of miles
  • Ensures data integrity by maintaining write order consistency of replicated data
  • Optionally compresses data before transmission to minimize bandwidth usage
  • Provides the option to encrypt replicated data
  • Supports replication in 1-1, many-to-1, or 2-node broadcast configurations
  • Intelligently and efficiently re-synchronizes production and recovery servers in the event of lost connectivity
  • Replicates between any combination of hardware, storage, or OS version on physical, virtual, or cloud servers
  • Improves productivity and return on investment by making snapshots of the data on the recovery server available for tape backup
AIX Rapid Recovery Whitepaper

Achieving Rapid Data Recovery for IBM AIX® Environments

Businesses of all sizes must plan for recovery. The core challenges when implementing an HA/DR plan include fully protecting against data loss and application downtime, and doing so in a way that ensures you can meet Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (SLAs). Your plan must cover a wide range of risks: inadvertently deleted files or records; viruses or hackers that cause data corruption or deletion; and natural disasters that put much more than just your data and applications at risk. So, the question is, do you have a plan that meets your recovery requirements to your satisfaction across these areas?
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Automated high availability and role swap testing

MIMIX Availability for AIX provides simple failover management that enables you to meet the most aggressive Recovery Time Objectives.

  • Intelligent heartbeat monitoring continuously verifies server health and optionally initiates automated failover
  • Automated failover procedures speed recovery and reduce the opportunity for human error
  • Applications can be restarted on the recovery system immediately after failover
  • Virtual role swaps allow easy testing of failover-readiness, without disrupting production operations

Continuous data protection with virtual role swap

True availability is about more than keeping operations running after disasters or handling planned and unplanned system outages. Corrupted and accidentally deleted data pose additional threats. RightTime™ CDP, the continuous data protection technology found in MIMIX Availability for AIX, provides the most flexible recovery options in the industry, allowing you to “dial back” quickly and easily to return an application or database to a previous point in time.

  • Performs near-instantaneous recovery of data and applications with push-button simplicity
  • Offers the most flexible recovery point options in the market with RightTime™ CDP
  • Enables you to go back in time to restore lost or damaged data due to system failure or human error
  • Allows you to roll back the production server or recovery server to a previous point in time
  • Enables you to recover from rolling disasters by rolling back to the point of the initial failure
  • Allows you to set event markers for potential recovery, such as a quiet period for an application or database
  • Improves productivity and return on investment by making snapshots of the data on the recovery server available for tape backup, reporting, testing and more
DR Readiness Testing with Virtual Role Swap
MIMIX Availability

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Easy monitoring and management

MIMIX Availability for AIX is easy to manage from the browser-based Vision Solutions Portal interface. Intuitive and configurable to meet your needs and working style, VSP reduces the time required to manage your HA environment to just minutes a day.

  • The Vision Solutions Portal browser-based graphical interface provides convenient monitoring and control from any location
  • Provides real-time status in an easy to digest form with visual indicators of replication health
  • Built-in automated procedures streamline common operations, enforce best practice and eliminate human error
  • Email and SNMP notifications enable integration with monitoring consoles and lights out monitoring
  • Enables a single view of multiple instances of MIMIX products for both IBM AIX and IBM i
  • Easily customizable to match your working style
  • Supports standard views for administrative groups
  • Smart sorting assists with issue resolution

Fast return on investment

Not only will you achieve a rapid return on your MIMIX Availability for AIX investment by recovering the time and expense normally lost to downtime, you will add to your ROI as you perform maintenance, upgrades, and even test new applications without interruptions to business operations.

  • Affordably priced
  • Eliminates the IT costs and business consequences of downtime and data loss
  • Enables your business to adhere to strict regulatory mandates and service level agreements
  • Allows you to leverage the secondary copy of your data and reduce the load on your production server by performing backups, reporting, testing, and more on your recovery server