Easy, cost-effective and reliable disaster recovery

MIMIX® DR for AIX provides reliable, affordable disaster recovery for your applications and data. Real-time replication, coupled with true continuous data protection (CDP) technology, delivers near-instantaneous recovery of data from any point in time at the push of a button, allowing you to meet strict compliance requirements and a wide range of service level agreements (SLAs) related to data loss.


New in MIMIX for AIX 5.0!

MIMIX for AIX 5.0 brings monitoring and management of the full suite of products under a single browser-based graphical interface, greatly enhancing ease of use. The addition of no-downtime installation, enhanced support for common AIX admin tasks, and the introduction of synchronization checks make MIMIX for AIX 5.0 a must-have release!

  • Integration of MIMIX Availability for AIX into the browser-based Vision Solutions Portal interface
  • Easy management of full-spectrum application and cluster resource monitoring with automated failover for all resources of an application service
  • Single pane of glass monitoring and management for all MIMIX HA/DR products
  • Expanded email notifications for lights-out monitoring
  • Streamlined installation takes you from zero to full protection without downtime
  • Enhanced support for common AIX administrative and monitoring tasks
  • Introduction of synchronization checks on replicated data

Learn more about all MIMIX for AIX 5.0 products by visiting the MIMIX Availability for AIX, and MIMIX Move for AIX pages!


Achieving Rapid Data Recovery for IBM AIX® Environments

Businesses of all sizes must plan for recovery. The core challenges when implementing an HA/DR plan include fully protecting against data loss and application downtime, and doing so in a way that ensures you can meet Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives (SLAs). Your plan must cover a wide range of risks: inadvertently deleted files or records; viruses or hackers that cause data corruption or deletion; and natural disasters that put much more than just your data and applications at risk. So, the question is, do you have a plan that meets your recovery requirements to your satisfaction across these areas?
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Business challenges

IT system availability is about more than keeping operations running after major disasters or even about handling planned and unplanned system outages. “Micro” disasters, such as database corruption or data loss due to human error, can cost your business just as dearly. Any outage interrupts business operations, disrupts delivery of goods and services, and damages relationships with partners and customers. Your business needs real-time AIX data protection, with off-site DR capability, but the personnel requirements and costs associated with other AIX DR solutions can be prohibitive.

Key benefits

  • Protects your data and applications with real-time replication
  • Allows push-button recovery to any point in time
  • Simplifies disaster recovery management
  • Enables protection in environments with mixed storage and operating system versions, and any combination of local or remote physical, virtual, or cloud platforms
  • Integrates with IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for AIX to add offsite disaster recovery protection and point-in-time recovery to a high availability environment
  • Provides an affordable data protection and disaster recovery solution
“I haven’t seen a business continuity solution that compares to MIMIX DR for AIX in terms of cost efficiency, effective protection for data and applications, and fast installation and configuration.”
Dave Gates,
Team Leader for the AIX/DBA Group
ProHealth Care Information Services, ProHealth Care
“It’s a really great tool for restoring things that are accidentally deleted. It’s also great for testing. If something goes wrong we can set the backup system to 10 minutes before and step it through to see what happens.”
Bill Rossi,
consultant to Mundi Westport Group
“MIMIX DR for AIX is absolutely essential to our business continuity. It gives us the power to keep our critical data protected and available at all times without the manual labor or downtime of traditional backup solutions."
Mr. MK Lee,
CSSC Technical and Operations Manager

An Overview of Disaster Recovery and Availability Technologies for IBM Power Systems

Journaling? RAID? Vaulting? Mirroring? High availability? Know your data protection and recovery options! Download this information-packed 29-page report that reviews the spectrum of IBM i (i5/OS) and AIX resilience and recovery technologies and best practices choices, including the latest, next-generation solutions. Use the paper to better evaluate alternatives in light of your own needs and constraints around recovery time, data currency, IT staffing, and budget.
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How it works

MIMIX DR for AIX provides continuous asynchronous replication to a local or remote data center. The production and recovery servers support any combination of hardware models, storage, and operating system version.

Enforced write-order consistency ensures that transactions are applied at the recovery site in the same order as they were at the production site.

True continuous data protection, provided by the journaling of undo logs, allows you to roll back the production or recovery server to any point in time to recover from deletions, corruptions, and rolling disasters.

Double-Take RecoverNow for AIX

System Requirements

  • IBM AIX 5.3 (TL 4 or greater, running the 64‐bit kernel), 6.1, 7.1
  • Any Power Systems hardware supported by the above AIX versions
  • Supports integration with IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for AIX®

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