Database Replication and Transformation

Easy, automated data sharing between databases in real time

MIMIX® Share™ makes it easy to capture, transform, enhance, and replicate data between databases, operating systems and physical, virtual or cloud platforms. With automated, real-time data sharing you can improve business efficiency and decision making by keeping your databases in sync and enabling access to information when, where and how it is needed for queries, reports, business intelligence, data warehousing and more. MIMIX Share’s powerful, flexible transformation and replication capabilities also enable you to modernize databases by migrating them to new servers or replatforming them to new database and operating system platforms in order to gain efficiency and cost savings.

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Easy, Automated, Real-Time Data Sharing: What Can It Do for Your Business?

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What You Can Do With Cross-Platform Database Sharing     


What's New In MIMIX Share 5.4?

MIMIX Share 5.4 delivers enhanced usability, increased security, and support for new databases and database versions.

Enhanced usability

  • Automatically creates target tables from the source table definition
  • Enhances handling of database joins
  • Increases time stamp precision to 6 digits for IBM i

Enhanced security

  • Increases security of data in the log files by providing the option to not include application / user data in log entries
  • Enhances network communication security by upgrading SSL encryption to TLS 1.2
  • Supports Java 8 for enhanced security

Expanded operating system, database and datatype support

  • Adds support for Oracle RAC (11g and 12c) as a source database for replication
  • Adds support for MySQL (5.6 and 5.7) for Windows and Linux as a target database, with full loader support
  • Adds support for Postgre SQL and Microsoft Azure SQL (with MIMIX Share 5.4 SP2)
  • Supports new database versions including Microsoft SQL Server 2016, Teradata 15.10, and Informix 12
  • Upgrades operating system support to include IBM i 7.3, IBM AIX 7.2, Solaris 11, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12
  • Extends Unicode support for DB2 on LUW with GRAPHIC and VARGRAPHIC data types
Easy, Automated Data Sharing in Real Time
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Business challenges

Sharing data across different databases, applications and physical, virtual or cloud platforms can be complex and have a negative impact on productivity and revenue. MIMIX Share makes it easy to capture, transform, enhance and replicate database information to enable your business to achieve greater productivity, higher profitability and immediate ROI with no programming — and without downsides, complexities and complications commonly associated with traditional ETL tools.

Key Benefits

  • Addresses virtually any data sharing need
  • Improves business decision making with real-time data access
  • Breaks down the barriers that trap data in isolated databases and keeps them in sync
  • Eliminates lock-in to vendors and old technology
  • Does away with the costs and complexities associated with slow, error-prone ETL tools and manual processes

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Easy, Automated, Real-Time Data Sharing:
What Can It Do for Your Business?

Demands on business today – tighter regulations, leaner budgets, intensifying competition, accelerated M&A activity and more – are driving an ever-increasing need to improve efficiency and decision making. Access to timely, accurate data when, where and how it is needed, regardless of platform, is key to streamlining operations and accelerating time to action. This white paper describes the market forces driving the need for data sharing, examines the complications of traditional approaches to the problem, and proposes an alternative – real-time, automated, cross-platform database replication.
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“MIMIX Share helps keep our students and their families informed in real-time and enables our teachers and administrators to perform faster, better data analysis. Real-time access to select information provides us with analytic capabilities comparable to those at Fortune 500 companies.”
Phyllis Chasser, Ph.D.,
Senior Data
Warehouse Analyst,
Broward County
Public Schools
“MIMIX Share gives us many advantages as a company, allowing us to make decisions quickly with shared, real-time data when we need to.”
Xavier Majem,
IT Manager,
Grupo Uriach
“The time required to replicate data between applications has dropped dramatically. Some data used to take a full day to replicate. Now it’s available immediately.”
Harsh Anand,
Manager of Groupware and IT Support Services,
Amway India

How it works

MIMIX Share is a model based data sharing solution that captures data changes in real time and replicates them between databases regardless of database management system or operating systems. MIMIX Share allows users to select from more than 80 pre-defined methods in its graphical interface that specify how the data should be transformed during replication. Custom transformations can also be specified.

MIMIX Share does not require exclusive access to the database, restricted time to complete its transformation or resource-consuming extracts and loads. All access is completed through the use of redo logs or database triggers. No custom scripting, time consuming indexing or database rationalization steps are necessary. Once in place, MIMIX Share has minimal impact on the network to complete its activities.

MIMIX Share’s robust replication capabilities automatically resolve conflicts and ensure that data integrity is continuously maintained, while an audit trail of data access and change history satisfies the service level agreements of environments with stringent regulatory requirements.

MIMIX Share’s sophisticated user interface allows you to simply point and click to map data sources to data targets. MIMIX Share does the rest.

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