MIMIX Availability

High Availability for IBM i

Complete, scalable HA/DR for IBM i

MIMIX® Availability efficiently replicates transactions in real time to maintain local and/or remote recovery servers. In the event of a production server outage, operations can continue on the recovery server without data loss and with minimal downtime. MIMIX Availability also virtually eliminates downtime caused by planned activities such as queries and reports, daily tape backups, and other maintenance tasks - keeping mission-critical applications running 24/7/365.

Seven reasons to choose MIMIX Availability
MIMIX Availability

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Scalable, Real-time Replication

MIMIX Availability provides superior replication performance, supporting even the most stringent Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives. Changes to data and applications are replicated in real time from a production server to a recovery server, ensuring that the recovery server is always a complete, ready-to-run replica.

  • Rooted in IBM i journaling to ensure transaction integrity
  • Scales to the most demanding enterprise workloads with true multi-threading
  • Delivers near-zero downtime – or zero downtime in active-active configurations
  • Requires minimal bandwidth
  • Allows replication between any IBM i storage type and OS version (7.1, 7.2 or 7.3)
  • Supports 1-way, bidirectional, or broadcast replication configurations
  • Allows access to replicated data for business operations and maintenance activities

An introduction to High Availability for Power Systems Running IBM i

This paper presents an overview of IBM System i high availability to companies that are beginning to explore this powerful business continuity technology. The critical components of high availability solutions are detailed in this paper, including data replication engines, system monitors, role swap capabilities, and the importance of autonomic processes. Also provided is information on the cost of planned and unplanned downtime, and a brief overview of disaster recovery strategies.
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Audits for confident switch

You can be confident that your recovery server is always ready to take over at a moment’s notice. MIMIX Availability’s comprehensive auditing with self-healing ensures the integrity and reliability of your protected data.

  • Comprehensive object-level audits identify and correct out-of-sync objects
  • Prioritized audits allow unchanged objects to be audited less frequently for faster completion and more efficient use of resources
  • Monitoring of the data on the recovery system provides real time notification of unauthorized object changes with identification of the user responsible for the change
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MIMIX Availability:
The easy way to protect the availability of even the most complex IBM i environments

This Executive Overview offers details on how MIMIX Availability has evolved into an advanced solution that offers faster recovery, stronger data protection, and a smarter way to manage high availability for IBM i. When evaluating any availability solution, there are a handful of critical functions that must be considered. This paper offers an overview of seven of the most essential availability functions and how each is addressed by MIMIX Availability.
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Intuitive, browser-based interface

The browser-based Vision Solutions Portal (VSP) interface simplifies the management of your availability environment with at-a-glance monitoring and intuitive control from any device with a browser. VSP is easily customized to meet an administrator's needs and style, reducing the time required to manage your HA environment to minutes a day.

  • VSP interface simplifies the management of your availability environment
  • Provides single pane of glass management for your entire MIMIX environment
  • Enables unattended monitoring with email and SNMP notifications
  • Easily customizable to meet your needs and working style
  • Supports both product level security and administrative control of user privileges
  • Supports standard views for groups of users
  • Smart sorting and smart prompting assist in resolution of issues
  • Fly-over help text puts information at your fingertips

Easy to install, configure, monitor and manage

MIMIX provides both green screen and graphical user interface options. The browser-based GUI minimizes the time and resources required for administration of even the most complex environments.

  • Quick and easy to install and configure using simple, guided wizards
  • Color-coded, mobile-friendly dashboard summarizes status at a glance
  • Key metrics view shows current RPO and RTO with past switch results
  • On-demand data protection reports for libraries, folders, and directories
  • Easy-to-use wizards for replication configuration from protection reports
  • Application level views and actions coordinate higher level operations

Customizable, automated procedures

MIMIX Availability provides robust, predefined, step-by-step procedures for common tasks. The individual steps can be customized, and additional procedures can be defined. History and statistics are available for each step, and procedures can also be stopped and resumed at any point to allow for repair without a restart. Procedures eliminate human error and provide improved performance and reliability, particularly important for executing worry-free switches every time.

  • Automated procedures promote best practices and eliminate human error
  • Predefined procedures are supplied for switch pre-check, planned switch, unplanned switch, virtual switch and more
  • Predefined procedures may be customized and new procedures written at the node or application level
  • Switch procedures allow an entire application group to be switched with a single click
  • Virtual switch validates that business applications can run on the recovery server without production server impact. Monitoring of all changes made to the recovery server and the return to normal replication is provided through a virtual switch activity window in VSP
  • Status logs on past procedure runs provide visibility into each step that was performed

Ultimate protection with MIMIX Global

MIMIX® Global, when added to MIMIX Availability environments of three or more servers, enables maximum protection from downtime and data loss and maximum data access without increased complexity. MIMIX Global seamlessly integrates multiple HA, DR and data distribution servers into the Vision Solutions Portal graphical interface, extending management, monitoring and switch operations to multiple servers through the same procedures used for basic two-node environments.

  • Delivers flexible support for complex topologies with multiple backup servers
  • Increases your level of protection with local and remote HA and DR backup servers, protecting your business from unplanned outages during planned maintenance
  • Enables real-time data distribution to additional servers for queries, reports, data warehousing, and more
  • Integrates seamlessly into the browser-based VSP interface to hide management complexity
  • Supports all switch scenarios across multiple backup servers
MIMIX Global simplifies multi-node management

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Server optimization with iOptimize

iOptimize is an innovative, automated optimization tool provided with MIMIX Availability that maximizes storage utilization, accelerates performance, and enhances system resilience.

  • Continuously optimizes your IBM i server for improved efficiency and resource utilization
  • Analyzes server health and can be configured to automatically perform optimizations
  • Maximizes storage utilization and enables proactive, intelligent planning for additional DASD
  • Accelerates performance, enhances system efficiency, and improves resilience
  • Reduces memory, disk, and processor requirements and expenses by keeping the server optimized
  • Provides the flexibility to run tasks on-demand or on a schedule, with progress tracking and retry capabilities
  • Monitors and issues alerts based on policies
  • Presents a comprehensive set of over 70 localizable, graphical reports
  • Puts up-to-date reports at the fingertips of administrators and management
  • Allows action to be initiated from the metrics displayed in the browser-based interface
  • Reduces expenses by maximizing investment in current hardware and deferring upgrades