Complete, Affordable Disaster Recovery for IBM i

Complete, affordable disaster recovery protection for SMBs running IBM i

MIMIX® DR is a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and affordable disaster recovery solution specifically designed for small to medium-size businesses with mission-critical data and applications on IBM Power Systems running IBM i. With MIMIX DR, you can be totally confident that your data and applications are protected in real time and are fully recoverable.

New in MIMIX 9!

  • New, mobile-friendly VSP dashboard provides a single view of all key MIMIX statistics and status
  • Redesigned summary page to manage your entire environment more efficiently
  • SNMP support for integration with enterprise monitoring consoles
  • New key metric view for RTO and RPO analysis
  • Multi-threading boosts replication performance, scalability and efficiency
  • Increased flexibility for auditing options and greater control of what is audited
  • Simplified data distribution through simple on-off switch for audits
  • Spool file replication at a granular level and spool file audits
  • Job queue replication and audits
  • Support for row and column access control (RCAC)
  • Support for temporal tables
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Business challenges

Business of all sizes are subject to stiff penalties associated with regulatory mandates and demands for 24/7 access to critical data and applications by employees, customers and partners. If disaster destroys your data and applications, or causes significant downtime, the survival of your small or mid-sized business can be threatened.

Nightly backups or periodic snapshots are inadequate because data entered between backups is unprotected. Finding a maintenance window for backups can even be a challenge. Worse yet, it is a struggle to restore successfully from tape, and the time to retrieve tapes from storage and restore data is measured in hours or often days.

MIMIX DR is designed specifically to provide complete and affordable disaster recovery for entry-level IBM i servers, protecting your data and applications in real time and providing a faster recovery that you can count on.

Key benefits

  • Protects your business against data loss
  • Ensures reliable recovery from unplanned outages
  • Reduces business downtime
  • Allows you to meet strict SLAs and regulatory requirements
  • Provides technology flexibility
  • Requires minimal administration
  • Backed by proven, trusted support and services

How it works

MIMIX DR replicates changes in real time to a recovery server residing on-site, off-site, or in the cloud. In the event of an outage, mission-critical data and applications are protected right up to the point of failure and are fully recoverable. Checklist-driven failovers significantly reduce recovery times when compared to tape.

MIMIX DR can be deployed in a cloud-hosted environment as a solution for small businesses that want real-time disaster recovery protection, without the need to make a capital investment in a second system.


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