Easy Migration for Windows Data, Applications and Servers

Risk-free migration for physical, virtual and cloud servers with near zero downtime

Double-Take Move for Windows quickly and easily migrates physical, virtual, and cloud server workloads over any distance with minimal risk and near zero downtime. Built on patented Double-Take real-time, byte-level replication technology, Double-Take Move enables easy, automated migration of files, folders or entire servers between different Windows hardware, storage types, or operating system versions.

  • True any-to-any migration between physical, virtual, and cloud platforms
  • Minimizes migration risk and downtime
  • Efficient real-time replication enables migration across any distance
  • Designed to simplify and streamline migrations for businesses of all sizes
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What's new in Double-Take Move 8.0?

Double-Take Move for Windows 8.0 simplifies network configuration and enables further automation. Double-Take Move for Linux is also introduced in version 8.0, bringing easy, risk-free migrations with near-zero downtime to the Linux market.

  • Port Address Translation (PAT) enabes multiple devices on a LAN to be mapped to a single public IP address without a VPN
  • New RESTful APIs and PowerShell Commands in the Double-Take SDK enable developers to automate and orchestrate Double-Take migration services or integrate them with third party applications
Do a Double-Take: See What's New in Double-Take 8.0!
What's New in Double-Take 8.0?

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Business challenges

Server upgrade cycles, virtualization initiatives, cloud adoption plans and escalating storage requirements make migrations a fact of life for modern business. Yes migration projects can be a high wire act when you must juggle the risks of downtime and data loss. You need a simple automated migration solution that eliminates risks and gives you the flexibility to migrate workloads between physical, virtual and cloud environments at a price you can afford. Double-Take Move does that and more.

Key Benefits:

  • Predictable, no-surprises migrations - Anticipate the same outcomes with low risk of failure
  • Near-Zero downtime - Migrate with minimal impact to the business
  • Flexibility to migrate between physical, virtual or cloud servers - Move workloads anywhere for maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • Automated and easy to use - Spend less time on a special migration project and more time on other initiatives
  • Reduces migration costs - Requires minimal staff and resource investment

How does Double-Take Move virtually eliminate physical, virtual and cloud server migration downtime?

Migrating applications, systems, and data has always been a challenge for IT staff; in fact, most have just gotten used to the pain and suffering that comes with migrations. To properly migrate applications and data to new platforms involves risk and takes time to complete, meanwhile users have to stop changing data while it's migrated. The larger the storage footprint, the longer that it's going to take, and migrations routinely take hours or days to complete.
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“Prior to getting Double-Take Move there wasn’t much hope of getting it done within the time I had, but the problem was completely avoided and nobody even had the slightest clue that there was ever a problem.”
Tom Breakiron,
IT Consultant
Cross IT
“Double-Take Move shrank what would have been a 10 to 15 person-hour migration job to less than one hour, reducing costs from about $2,000 to $200.”
Matt Keynon,
IT Consultant
Moore Concepts, L.L.C.
“Double-Take Move is straightforward, intuitive and easy to use.”
Alex Loquens,
Operations Manager
Extrinsica Global

How it works

Double-Take Move uses real-time, byte-level replication to create a replica of the data, applications or complete server being migrated. The replica is kept in sync through continuous, real-time replication of changes to all essential data, including permissions, attributes, compression and encryption settings, along with renames and deletes.

Double-Take replication provides maximum efficiency over any network distance. Byte-level replication sends less data than block-level replication, and Double-Take Move can further minimize bandwidth usage through three levels of compression and scheduled bandwidth throttling.

While the servers are kept in sync, the migrated data can be validated without disrupting business operations. Cutover automation is available through the unified, graphical console, and downtime is limited to seconds or minutes required for the cutover. Reverting back to the original machine is simple if necessary. The process is repeatable and predictable whether managed through the unified console or automated through scripting or integration with third party tools.


System Requirements - Double-Take Move can migrate physical, virtual, or cloud servers with the following operating systems:

Double-Take Move 7.1.2

  • Windows Server 2003 R1 & R2
  • Windows Server 2008 R1 & R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R1 & R2

Double-Take Move 8.0

  • Windows Server 2008 R1 & R2
  • Windows Server 2012 R1 & R2
  • Windows Server 2016 (when used as a Hyper-V target)