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Advanced Solutions for the Modern Government Data Center

Serving the federal market, Vision Solutions is the only company to deliver migrations, high availability, disaster recovery and data sharing across multiple operating systems, whether on premises or in the cloud. Federal agencies and organizations trust Vision Solutions to stand up to the high demands of mission-critical tasks, and our single source solutions can scale up or down to any need.

One Home for Every Agency’s Data

Vision Solutions products for cloud migration and data consolidation are FITARA compliant and have the certifications that federal agencies and organizations require. They allow you to work across secure IP networks or implement a 256-bit AES encrypted connection between servers for maximum security.

And for those strongly considering starting or bolstering their cloud infrastructure, the scalable, platform-independent technology of MIMIX Share allows you to be selective with the cloud you choose today and in the future.

Solving the Technology Migration Puzzle
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Solving the Technology Migration Puzzle
Resembling puzzles, complex technology migrations require a commitment of time and thought to successfully complete. Today, business environments require uninterrupted server availability leaving network administrators few convenient opportunities to perform critical tasks - such as migrations. Companies simply cannot afford to have their systems be offline. Learn how a complete migration competency will ensure a successful outcome with no downtime.
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Save Time and Money With One Source

Our solutions perform near-zero downtime migration of data, applications, and systems to significantly reduce time, cost, and risk—whether it’s a move from on premises to cloud servers, cloud to on premises or any configuration in between. We achieve best-in-class performance through the use of real-time replication to prevent data loss, and fast recovery to target servers in the event of a planned or unplanned failure at the production site. And to address the many organizations with multiple databases, our software enables different platforms to share and consolidate data in real-time for proactive, critical decision making.

“The consolidation was completed within a very short time window, with no impact on operations. Often, the migrations occurred without users even being aware of it.”
Robert Murray,
System Administrator
“We’re comprised of many different agencies and entities, and they all have a different platform. But Vision Solutions has a great approach for migration and high availability regardless of an individual platform.”
Peter Hoffman,
Chief of Information Services
The One Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery
White Papers
The One Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery
This white paper provides a basic understanding of the building blocks of IT and business continuity—from understanding the concepts of disaster recovery and information availability to calculating the business impact of downtime and selecting the right software solution. Readers can quickly match their specific optimum uptime objectives with the easiest and most cost-effective IT strategy.
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Expect Better Cloud Migration Regardless of Source

As a unified solution, cloud computing is an excellent streamlined, cost-cutting solution – one that even suits agencies that continue to use different platforms and hardware environments. With our near-zero downtime, platform-independent migration solutions, onboarding is fast and easy. Your team will have the flexibility to migrate anything—servers, file systems, permissions and attributes—to the cloud without impacting daily operations.

Our cloud protection solutions make flexible recovery the norm, not the exception. Protect your servers in any configuration and recover with just a few clicks, including ground-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud recoveries.

Migration eBook
Time To Put The Migration Nightmare To Bed
Between downtime, failure, costs and other factors, there's a lot about migration that keeps even the best IT pros up at night. Read our eBook to learn more.
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Achieve a Modern IT Environment with Data Center Consolidation

Data consolidation allows for easy real-time migration or replication of different hardware, operating systems and database platforms. Our products make it easy to capture, transform, enhance and replicate database information so you can achieve greater productivity and better agility.

Downtime Calculator
How Much Does Downtime Cost?
How many transactions can you afford to lose without significant impact? What is the total cost of lost productivity and lost revenue during unplanned downtime? Calculate the total cost of downtime per hour for your organization using as much financial data as possible for each area. Use averages where available for lost opportunity costs.
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