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Tech Demo: Choosing DRaaS for IBM i
You’ve done the research, and you’re ready to adopt cloud offerings for IBM i to reduce expenses, complexity and resource requirements. Now what? Join us for a 30-minute webcast to learn more about how to select the right DRaaS solution and service provider for your business.

During this webcast we’ll talk about the challenges of migrating to the cloud and discuss how MIMIX can address your migration and DRaaS needs. Topics covered include:
  • 4 reasons to consider DRaaS
  • 5 key questions for your DRaaS provider
  • 10 must-have DRaaS features
  • Migrating to the cloud with MIMIX
  • Demonstration of MIMIX for DRaaS
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Advanced Tuning and Auditing for MIMIX Availability
Stay Compliant and Provide Continuous Availability

Continuous availability of your data is critical—and not just because industry regulations and service level agreements carry harsh penalties for non-compliance. Brand reputation, customer experience and a whole host of other intangible costs are always at stake.

Get advanced tuning and auditing for MIMIX Availability and protect your business from the threat of disaster, server or storage failure, user error and even downtime during routine maintenance – we’ll show you how! Topics covered in this on-demand webcast include:
  • Performance tuning
  • Load balancing
  • Auditing technique
  • Regular health check items
  • How Vision can assist
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Outsourcing H/A Application Management: The Why's, When's & How's
Is your environment available and switch-ready in the event of any potential disaster? With leanness being more than just a trend, CIO's continue to drive costs down by shifting system management responsibilities to managed service providers and technology vendors. To be competitive today every business must ask itself, "Do we do it ourselves, outsource it completely or somewhere in between?"

Watch this on-demand webcast and we'll show you how to be switch-ready, how much to outsource, what to look for in a service provider and more. Learn how to boost your company's bottom line!
  • Assess the strategic impact of outsourcing
  • Identifying in-house skill-sets
  • Avoiding skill degradation
  • Find the right outsourcing partner for you
  • Vision Solutions Managed Services
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Vision Solutions' HA/DR Tools You Can Count On
Use Vision Solutions' tools to craft best-practice HA/DR that will give you and your staff 100% confidence. This webcast covers the importance of creating a complete, tested HA/DR plan and its role in the continuity and survival of any business with an IBM Power i, AIX or iTERA environment. Whether you have critical data that must remain available or simply can’t afford the cost of downtime, our experts will help you!

This presentation includes:
  • Comparisons of different HA/DR products and solutions
  • An outline of the HA/DR management best practices
  • Risks associated with insufficient HA/DR planning
  • Discussion of stringent RPO and RTO standards
  • The benefits of consistent, reliable business continuity
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Why HA/DR Matters across All Industries
Join IBM and Vision Solutions for a webcast covering the trends and news that businesses just like yours reported on their HA/DR environments. If you’re one of the 83% of IT professionals who lack total confidence that their HA/DR plan is complete and fully tested, you will want to learn from their experiences and start building a business continuity strategy you can rely on for years. Achieving best-practice HA/DR doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is necessary.

Experts will be on hand to dive into the numbers, the discoveries and the solutions. Among the topics covered are:
  • The latest HA/DR trends as described by surveyed companies
  • Modest infrastructure costs and system complexities involved in HA/DR
  • Risk-free HA/DR and near-zero downtime cloud or new server migration solutions
  • SLA, RPO and RTO goals and how you can expect more with proper HA/DR
  • The importance of a Power 8 upgrade and how upgrading fits in your HA/DR plan
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Take HA/DR Protection to the Max with MIMIX Global
In this webinar you’ll learn how to meet the ever-growing demands on your business for resilience and availability by expanding your MIMIX Availability protection with MIMIX Global. When added to MIMIX Availability environments of three or more servers, MIMIX Global enables maximum protection from downtime and data loss and maximum access to your data – without increased complexity.

This presentation will include:
  • Overview of MIMIX Global and 3+ Node HA/DR environments
  • Network communication considerations
  • Remote Journal and journal management insights
  • Configuration requirements in a typical MIMIX environment
  • Switching with MIMIX Global
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Migration and the Need for Stability
Businesses understand that stability is crucial in their data-dependent operations, but migrations are often too complex to answer the call. A simplified method is in order.

Join Vision Solutions experts for an informative webcast covering ways to lower downtime and boost stability.
  • Examining what it takes to have risk-free migrations
  • Reasons businesses put off or delay migrations
  • Common migration costs and challenges
  • Preparing migrations for uninterrupted business operations
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Learn All about iTERA Availability 6.2
Start Planning Your Upgrade Today!

The new iTERA Availability 6.2 is easier to use and more efficient than ever before. Join the experts from Vision Solutions for an information-packed webinar that includes a review of all the new features in iTERA 6.2, a live demo, and information on professional services available to help you upgrade and optimize your iTERA solution.
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The Future of IT: Migration, Protection & Recovery Insights
Nearly 3,000 IT professionals shared valuable insight about challenges and best practices for migration, cloud, HA/DR and data sharing. Vision Solutions’ executives will share findings from a global study. Watch this previously recorded webinar to see how your environment and strategies stack-up.

Key topics to be covered include:
  • What's driving an increase in failed migrations
  • Why there's a widening gap in achieving RTO and RPO goals
  • What 50% of respondents say is their biggest challenge to adopting the cloud
  • What puts you at the highest risk for data loss
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Maximize the value of your iTERA solution by upgrading to iTERA 6.1
View this informative webcast presented by iTERA expert Craig Hartwig from Vision Solutions. Gain insights into how to confidently upgrade iTERA, optimize your business’ HA environment, and simplify ongoing operations and monitoring.

Topics covered include:
  • Techniques for your iTERA v6.1 upgrade
  • The latest features and functions of iTERA 6.1
  • Best practices for configuring these new features
  • Key changes to the management of audits and service packs
  • How Vision’s trained services professionals can assist you
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