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Discover IBM i Compression While Active with MIMIX Promoter
Deleted Record Compression While Active: Recover Storage with Maximum Uptime

Is valuable disk space on your production IBM i being taken up by files and tables with excessive deleted records? Take back the dead space and maximize your IBM i storage again with Compression While Active, the Vision Solutions reorganization and recovery service that saves disk space and helps systems run more efficiently with near-zero downtime. View this on-demand webcast to learn more about how Deleted Record Compression While Active that’s part of MIMIX Promoter will help you do more with the technology you already have.

In 45 minutes, you will learn:
  • Why deleted records continue to consume disk space
  • The role of MIMIX Promoter in disk reorganization
  • How to reduce storage while continuing operations
  • How Vision Solutions can help
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IBM and Vision Present: The State of IT Security
Over 1,500 IT professionals just like you weighed in on their security practices, concerns and observations. Where does your organization stack up? IBM expert Jeff Uehling joins Vision Solutions to break down the stats and present the state of IT security. This is a can’t-miss webinar for those who need real insights from the people who work in security daily. 

Watch our on-demand webcast and learn:
  • What security programs you can implement right now
  • What professionals see as IT trends and challenges
  • What the future holds for data security
  • What special considerations IBM is taking into IBM i environments
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Layer Up Your Data Security
Are you approaching the threat of cyberattacks and data breaches from multiple angles? If not, it’s time to start adding layers of security to your IT systems. The state of IT security is more complex than ever, with hacks, attacks and threats increasing at an alarming rate.

The best way to make sure your environment stands tall is with a thorough approach. Vision Solutions will show you how. Join this in-depth webcast to learn the latest innovations and best practices in IT security from the experts who address it daily.

Register now to discover:
  • What data breaches are and why they matter to your environment
  • How data security has evolved into a multi-faceted solution
  • Where you and your IT team should focus your cybersecurity efforts
  • The 6 different layers it takes to ensure full IT resilience
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Make Your Next Migration a Success with MIMIX Move
Whether you want to upgrade your server, refresh your hardware or consolidate your data, migration is a fact of life. But a lot of professionals put it off due to fear of unpredictable processes, unmigrated data, high costs or unacceptable downtime. MIMIX Move puts all those fears to bed with near-zero downtime migration you can be confident in.

Join this demo webinar to see how it can accelerate your next project.
  • Learn what everyday migration challenges plague IT professionals
  • Develop a plan for a successful start-to-finish migration project
  • Get an introduction to Vision Solutions’ industry-leading technology
  • Watch a demonstration of MIMIX Move through a common migration scenario
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Advanced Tuning and Auditing for iTERA
Stay Compliant and Provide Continuous Availability

Continuous availability of your data is critical—and not just because industry regulations and service level agreements carry harsh penalties for non-compliance. Brand reputation, customer experience and a whole host of other intangible costs are always at stake.

Use advanced tuning and auditing for iTERA and protect your business from the threat of disaster, server or storage failure, user error and even downtime during routine maintenance – we’ll show you how!

Topics include:
  • Performance tuning
  • Load balancing
  • Auditing technique
  • Regular health check items
  • How Vision can assist
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Join Vision Solutions over at IBM Systems Magazine: Unleash the Power of Your Data
Learn How Real-Time Database Replication Can Fuel Your Business

Are you ready to unleash the power of your data by making it available wherever it’s needed in real time? Whether you need to eliminate database silos, offload data from production databases for reporting and analytics, consolidate data into data warehouses, or replatform databases for increased efficiency, this webinar is for you. 

Join the experts from Vision Solutions and Magic Software to learn how real-time database replication can add power to your business.

View this on-demand webinar and:
  • Gain insights into data availability trends and challenges
  • Learn about database replication and transformation
  • Hear real-world case studies
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Take HA/DR Protection to the Max
Maximize the Availability of Servers and Data

Conventional ideas about high availability and disaster recovery involve replicating data to a second server for safekeeping. It’s time to go beyond conventional thinking and consider the benefits of replicating data to multiple servers for fast failovers in the data center, reliable disaster recovery from a remote location, and distribution of real-time data for business processing and decision making. Join this technical demonstration to see how MIMIX Availability with MIMIX Global allows you to easily manage multi-node HA/DR configurations for maximum protection and access to data.

What you’ll see:
  • A push-button failover between two servers
  • A push-button failover in a three server configuration
  • Real-time data replication for reporting or business processing
  • Easy management of multi-node environments in MIMIX’s graphical interface
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High Availability and Disaster Recovery Trends and Technology
80% of IT pros are moving ahead with HA/DR initiatives for the coming year. However, with the widespread adoption of cloud, the technology landscape is evolving rapidly, and companies are dealing with dynamic new challenges.

Are you prepared to defend your business from all forms of downtime and data loss? Are you confident in your ability to save the day if disaster strikes? Do you have the information on trends and technology to make confident choices in high availability and disaster recovery options?

Watch this information-packed webinar at your convenience as Vision Solutions shares HA/DR trends gathered from survey research, unlocks the details on HA/DR technology options, and explores new ways to obtain the level of availability your business requires.

Key topics:
  • Hearing HA/DR findings from Vision Solutions Insights research
  • Comparing your IBM i HA/DR technology options
  • Achieving extreme availability with Active-Active technology
  • Understanding the latest recovery point and recovery time objectives
  • Improving your disaster recovery plan confidence
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On-Demand Webcasts
Managing Best-Practice HA/DR with Confidence
If you’re one of the 85% of IT professionals who lack total confidence that their HA/DR plan is tested, complete and ready to meet SLAs, it’s time to increase your assurance that you are prepared for anything that comes your way. This webcast covers the information you need to implement best-practice management for your HA/DR solution.

Experts from Vision Solutions will dive into the details of HA/DR management and share how expert managed services can provide an extra set of experienced eyes and hands.

Key topics covered in this previously recorded webcast include:
  • Exercising best practices for daily, weekly, monthly and annual HA/DR management
  • The risks you take when not following an ideal HA/DR management model
  • Addressing the most common business continuity problems IT pros face
  • 4 tiers of HA managed services that can make your HA/DR investment pay off
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Advanced Tuning and Auditing for MIMIX
We made this webcast to address the concerns many businesses have about the continuous high availability of their data. We introduced the advance tuning and auditing features of MIMIX Availability, our premier high availability software from the threat of disaster and data loss.

View this on-demand webcast now to learn how to get started using this technology to protect brand reputation, customer experience and a whole host of other intangible costs. Key topics include:
  • Performance tuning
  • Auditing best practices
  • Daily health checks
  • Switch testing
  • How Vision can assist
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