MIMIX DR Demo: Real-Time Replication for Fast Recovery
In this demonstration of MIMIX DR you will see how easy it is for small and medium sized businesses to protect their applications and data on entry-level IBM i servers from both planned an unplanned downtime and data loss.
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MIMIX for AIX Demo: Automated Failover to Prevent Unplanned Downtime
Watch this live demonstration to see how MIMIX for AIX automates failover to a recovery server to prevent downtime in the event of an unplanned outage.
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MIMIX for AIX Demo: DR Readiness Testing with Virtual Role Swap
Watch this live demo of the Virtual Role Swap feature of MIMIX for AIX to learn how you can audit your role swap readiness and ensure your business is prepared for a true role swap or failover.

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MIMIX Global - Greater Protection Is in Your Grasp
Watch this quick, animated video to learn how MIMIX Global makes management of multi-node high availability and disaster recovery environments just as easy as two-node environments. With MIMIX Global your business can enjoy the highest possible level of protection from downtime and data loss. Greater protection is in your grasp!
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MIMIX Global Demo - Raise HA/DR Protection and Data Access to the Max!
Conventional ideas about high availability and disaster recovery involve replicating data to a second server for safekeeping. If you’re ready to go beyond conventional thinking and consider the benefits of replicating data to multiple servers, watch this demo of MIMIX Global. See how this add-on to MIMIX Availability allows you to easily manage multi-node HA/DR configurations just as easily as a simple two server configuration while delivering fast failovers in the data center, reliable disaster recovery from a remote location, and distribution of real-time data for business processing and decision making.
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MIMIX Move Demo - Near-Zero Downtime Migration
Watch this demonstration to see how Vision Solutions’ IBM i replication technology and expert services combine to migrate data, applications or servers with near-zero risk and downtime.
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MIMIX Move for AIX Demo: Risk-Free Migration with Near-Zero Downtime
Watch this live demonstration of migration between two partitions with MIMIX Move for AIX to see how its flexible, powerful replication technology provides near-zero downtime migration with minimal risk.

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MIMIX Share Demo – Data Consolidation in Heterogeneous Database Environments
Watch this demonstration of MIMIX Share to see how easily you can replicate data from multiple sources to a single consolidated database or data warehouse in real time, regardless of the mix of operating systems and database platforms in use.
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MIMIX Share Demo - Data Replication in Heterogeneous Cloud Database Environments
Watch this demonstration of MIMIX Share, a solution for easy, real-time replication of data between databases, to see how MIMIX Share breaks through IT and organizational barriers imposed by multiple databases, incompatible applications and dissimilar platforms. In this demonstration you will see how straightforward MIMIX Share makes it to replicate from an on-premises Microsoft SQL Server database into an Oracle Server database provisioned on an Amazon instance running Linux, and then from that Oracle Server database in Amazon to a Microsoft SQL Server database running in the Microsoft Azure cloud.
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MIMIX Share Demo – Easy Data Sharing in Heterogeneous Database Environments
Watch as we demonstrate how MIMIX Share enables reporting, business intelligence, big data analytics, data warehousing and more by replicating data in real time between different database and operating system platforms in physical, virtual or cloud environments.
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