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Managing Disaster Recovery While Traveling

Oct 23, 2012
  • HA/DR
I travel quite a bit for work. On a recent plane trip I had time to think about a common Achilles Heel in many disaster recovery strategies. What happens if your company needs to initiate its DR protocols while you're on a plane; or otherwise out of reach? With today’s vast wireless communications networks we’re lulled into the belief that no matter where we are, we’re within reach. The fact is, many air carriers still lack WiFi and ban the use of mobile modems while in flight. Trains (my personal preference these days) do allow the use of mobile connectivity, but WiFi is still not widely available, and reliable mobile signals are hit or miss when you’re riding the rails.

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Reality Checksum: Putting Band-Aids on Patches

Oct 01, 2012
  • HA/DR
DR has routinely been focused on just that, recovering from a total disaster. While disasters do strike, and need to be defended against, they are thankfully rare events. Modern technology needs to defend against the day-to-day hiccups just as much as the full-scale datacenter-down emergencies.

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