How to Migrate without Downtime



Webcast with Microsoft: Reduce Migration and Virtualization Costs

Feb 13, 2014
  • Migration

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Double-Take for AIX: Key Features

Feb 05, 2014
  • HA/DR
In two previous blog posts we looked at how Double-Take for AIX can help you to avoid the high costs of downtime and data loss and at some of the advantages of Double-Take for AIX 4.1. In this post, we delve a little deeper into three key features of Double-Take for AIX: Continuous Data Protection, Vision Solutions Portal and Integration with IBM PowerHA® SystemMirror® for AIX.

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Better Protection Through a Virtualized HA/DR Plan

Feb 04, 2014
  • Migration
You may not use the words “exciting” and “migration” together unless you’re being sarcastic, but around here we do it all the time. Businesses are migrating from one platform to another with some frequency these days and one of the big reasons is they simply have more and better platform choices. Some IT departments were migrating a dozen virtual machines and some were migrating thousands of VMware virtual machines to Hyper-V. Either way, administrators wanted as much automation as possible - particularly for tasks like discovery, VMware Tools removal, and the heavy lifting of data movement and migration cutover. Yes, you could use the System Center Automation Toolkit to automate these tasks if you have System Center 2012, but not everybody has it.

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