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Announcing Double-Take Cloud Migration Center

Apr 28, 2015
  • Migration
Double-Take Cloud Migration Center is a secure online portal that uses automation to make cloud migration almost effortless, eliminating all the usual time consuming and error-prone manual processes. Whether you need to move one server or one hundred servers, Double-Take Cloud Migration Center’s streamlined automation handles everything from initial source server discovery through the final cutover to your new Microsoft Azure environment.

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Advanced Availability for AIX… Simplified

Apr 02, 2015
  • HA/DR
Vision Solutions is proud to announce Double-Take for AIX 5.0. This major release enhances the entire Double-Take for AIX suite of products, including Double-Take Availability, Double-Take RecoverNow and Double-Take Move. Everything about Double-Take for AIX 5.0 is dedicated to simplifying, automating and accelerating HA, DR and migration projects.

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