How to Migrate without Downtime



3 Tips for Leveraging Existing Infrastructure for Backup

Jan 29, 2017
  • HA/DR
It seems everyone is facing discouraging budget cuts at the same time they're facing unprecedented data growth. It's a conundrum that’s here to stay – but, you know what they say: when the going gets tough, the tough figure out how to use what they've got while still dreaming of a shiny new rack of servers. Wait, is that the saying?

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Dr. Frank Soltis on the Evolution of Recoverability for IBM i

Jan 17, 2017
  • HA/DR

Join Vision Solution’s Director of Product Marketing, Becky Hjellming, for this exclusive interview with Dr. Frank Soltis, retired chief scientist for System i computers and father of the IBM i. Becky and Frank discuss the original recoverability points for the IBM i, as well as discuss how high availability and recoverability needs of modern businesses have evolved, and how simplified solutions and the economies of managed or cloud service providers have allowed for protection against unplanned and planned downtime.

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