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Whose Cloud are we Hopping On?

Nov 08, 2016
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Our recent cloud survey reveled a major leap forward in cloud adoption. Here are some interesting facts:

  • 65% of organizations surveyed already use cloud services
  • 78% plan to deploy cloud services in the near future
  • 60% are already run company email in the cloud
  • 32% are using or protecting Tier 1 applications in the cloud

Making cloud technology work for your unique business needs depends on implementing the right combination of public, private or hybrid cloud.

<p->Public Clouds</p->


Public clouds offer reduced storage expenses, instant scalability, streamlined IT management, and no need for an on-site data center. This scenario is perfect for small businesses. In our survey, 46% of respondents used public cloud.

On-premise and Hosted Private Clouds

On-premise private clouds offer similar benefits, combined with enhanced security and complete control of the environment. However, on-premise private clouds require a time and infrastructure investment up front. Hosted private clouds don’t require time and money to design and build, and are best for large organizations that can find middle ground with security, control and cost savings. In our survey, 35% used on-premises private cloud, and 52% used hosted private cloud.

Hybrid Clouds

Hybrid clouds, a combination of public and private clouds, are an excellent solution for organizations in regulated industries. They can keep regulated data in a private cloud and non-regulated data in a public cloud. In our survey, 40% used hybrid cloud.

Making Cloud Work for You

Migrating to the right cloud structure can yield improvements in almost every area of the organization. Migrating to the cloud, whether public, private or hybrid, and whether physical or virtual Windows, IBM i, AIX or Linux servers, can be easy.

Our cloud solutions can help you migrate even Tier 1 and Tier 2 data and applications from any combination of traditional physical and virtual servers to your choice of public, private, or hybrid cloud, with no risk and no data loss. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your organization safely and easily implement the right cloud strategy for you, visit our Cloud Hub for informational videos, infographics, eBooks and more.