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Feb 09, 2017
  • Data Sharing

Ever punch the accelerator of a car and find it doesn’t have the power to move as quickly as you expected? That’s exactly what we discovered about data sharing in this year’s 2017 State of Resilience Report. Businesses are ready to hit the gas, but the tools moving the data that fuels their systems are old jalopies.

IT pros surveyed whose businesses run on multiple databases reported:

  • Decision-making delays due to uncertainty about data accuracy (44%)
  • Significant time spent reconciling inconsistent information (36%)
  • Low confidence in decisions made based on their data (23%)


However, by and large, the tools and processes they use to deliver data only provide periodic snapshots and lag far behind their goals of real-time data delivery for business operations and decision making:

  • 54% use FTP, SCP or file transfer processes
  • 50% employ manual scripting
  • 43% take backup/restore or snapshot approaches
  • 28% deploy ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) methods


That’s where Vision Solutions can help. We are the experts in real-time replication technology, and our MIMIX Share product is designed to provide easy, automated sharing of transformed data between databases – regardless of database type, operating system, or physical, virtual or cloud platform.

  • Need to replicate data in real time from your production database to a reporting server for fast, accurate decision making without impact to production server performance? No worries.
  • Want to consolidate database transactions the instant they are made from multiple departmental or branch office databases into a data warehouse for centralized analysis? Got it covered.
  • Need to get data flowing in real time between databases of different types that are used by special-purpose business applications? Maybe get point of sale systems running DB2 on IBM i exchanging data in real time with your financial accounting applications that run on a Linux server? Check.


Our survey respondents strongly agreed that their businesses want to better use data for a competitive advantage; they have directives to get access to data that is closer to real-time accuracy; and they need to find ways to share data that is currently isolated in departmental databases across the business.

If IT pros are to help their businesses share data across the organization in real time in order to capitalize on its strategic value, they need to move quickly and aggressively to align their data sharing schemes with those business directives.

By using MIMIX Share to accelerate the movement of your data to the systems where it is needed for decision making, analytics, business processing and more, you can accelerate the speed of your business and meet business directives to derive competitive advantage from your data.

Learn more about MIMIX Share, and the new MIMIX Share 5.4 which adds support for replication from Oracle/RAC databases, support for replication to MySQL databases, enhanced ease of use, and strengthened security. Put the pedal to the metal, speed up your data, and watch your business fly!