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Introducing MIMIX for AIX 5.1

Mar 10, 2017
  • HA/DR

According to our recently released 2017 State of Resilience Report, 37% of businesses that experienced a failure requiring the use of their HA/DR solution lost a day or more of data. Think about losing every financial transaction that day, every patient record update, every online order. It’s like everyone at the company didn’t show up for work that day – except it’s more frustrating because they did. Unfortunately, internal frustration is the least of the problem. Customers have little tolerance for data loss or downtime, regardless of the cause, and regulatory agencies have even less. The prospect of losing a day or more of data is a dangerous one.

The good news is, you don’t have to worry about data loss, no matter what happens in the world or within your own datacenter. Vision Solutions has just released MIMIX for AIX 5.1 (formerly known as Double-Take for AIX). The MIMIX for AIX family of products, including MIMIX Availability, MIMIX DR, and MIMIX Move, offers the most straightforward, full-featured solutions on the market for high availability, disaster recovery and migration for AIX.

MIMIX Availability for AIX continuously monitors the health of your production server, storage and applications and optionally initiates a failover in the event of a failure. All elements of the application (including storage, network, database and application resources) are quickly made available on the recovery server. In addition, it offers point-in-time recovery of data and rollback of the production or recovery servers. A high availability solution with true continuous data protection, MIMIX Availability for AIX delivers the ultimate in RTO and RPO for AIX.

MIMIX DR for AIX also provides true Continuous Data Protect (CDP) to allow you to recover from disasters by rolling back the production server or restoring data from any point in time to address deletions, corruptions, and rolling disasters. With built-in procedures for failover, MIMIX DR users receive the same excellent RPO with a slightly relaxed RTO.

For risk-free migration of AIX applications and data with near-zero downtime, MIMIX Move for AIX provides platform-independent replication that supports a mix of hardware, storage, and AIX operating system versions on physical, virtual or cloud servers.

This new release of MIMIX for AIX 5.1 includes enhanced replication that supports broadcast replication to two targets, either of which can be chosen for failover. It also supports encryption of replicated data using TLS 1.2 encryption protocol.

Management and monitoring are also easier thanks to integration with enterprise monitoring consoles through the addition of SNMP alerting. In addition, MIMIX for AIX 5.1 now automates the application of license keys and provides visibility into license key status through a new window in its browser-based graphical interface. Plus, MIMIX for AIX 5.1 adds support for IBM AIX 7.2.

If you can’t afford to lose a day, or an hour, of valuable data (and who can?), let us show you more about how the new MIMIX for AIX 5.1 can help.