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Stop Compromising Availability in the Cloud

Mar 23, 2017
  • HA/DR

Outages and downtime rarely affect just one company. Early in 2017 an Amazon S3 outage had a major ripple effect on dozens of businesses that relied on the AWS cloud to stay online. Companies like Quora, IMDb, American Airlines and Instagram were affected, just to name a few, and had to face frustrating downtime and concerned users. What’s more, this outage may have soured other organizations on looking to the cloud for high availability.

Organizations responsible for backing up IBM i workloads in the cloud are relying on specialty solutions capable of meeting the high demands of these unique environments. One such company is LightEdge Solutions. Here’s what IT Jungle had to say about their efforts:

Investments in high availability infrastructure and adherence to accepted IT processes and standards like ISO and ITIL are important elements of LightEdge Solutions‘ commitment to ensuring uninterrupted uptime of its Power Cloud, according to LightEdge Solutions Architect Roger Mellman.

 “A significant value LightEdge delivers to iSeries customers is our hardened data center infrastructure and strict process adherence,” Mellman tells IT Jungle. “We employ a reference architecture, which forces elimination of single points of failure in our infrastructure, network, and systems. We are architected for high availability both within and across our multiple data centers.

The company runs Vision Solutions‘ MIMIX high availability software to replicate its customers’ production IBM i data in real time to secondary servers running in secondary data centers, which offers the highest levels of recovery point and recovery time objectives.

According to research by Vision Solutions Insights, the cloud is here to stay. Approximately two-thirds of IT professionals report using the cloud and, among those who primarily manage a Power environment, hosted private clouds are the model of choice (40%). With almost limitless scalability to suit all needs, there’s reason to believe the cloud will only become a more prominent part of high availability infrastructures.

So how can we make sure something as simple as a typo doesn’t create headlines again? While redundancy is a tried and true strategy for many businesses, real-time replication to secondary servers and secondary data centers is the most reliable path to meeting stringent recovery point and recovery time objectives.

Businesses like LightEdge trust MIMIX to ensure full HA protection that keeps operations running during some of the least probable mishaps IT can throw at them. This industry-leading technology integrates seamlessly with any architecture—even those running in the cloud. So whether you serve only startups and SMBs or several major international brands, you can offer a peace of mind other methods simply cannot deliver. From the IT Jungle article:

“It is impossible to guarantee that you will never go down,” says Ralph Wasner, CTO of First National Technology Solutions, an IBM i cloud provider that we profiled in a story last week. “At the same time you can minimize the risk of an outage by building resilience in the systems and platforms we support and by proactively monitoring the environment.”

Careful construction of the private cloud environment can reduce – but not entirely eliminate – the possibility of an extended outage,” Wasner says.

Download our white paper “MIMIX Availability: The easy way to protect the availability of even the most complex IBM i environments” to learn more about how Vision Solutions answers the call for high availability. We not only discuss how MIMIX makes HA easy and customizable, we will also show you how your options can extend to the cloud. Nobody knows when the next major downtime incident will occur, but you can have a say in how long it will last.

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