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Weatherproof Your Data with Hurricane Preparedness

Jun 01, 2017
  • HA/DR

Today is the official start of hurricane season in the North Atlantic region of the world. And while the protection of your home and family goes without saying, it’s also worthwhile to mind the protection of your data centers and other information management facilities. Whether you keep production or target servers in areas heavily affected by hurricanes, proper disaster recovery preparedness must be an annual (or, even better, semi-annual) routine.

Data Center Knowledge published an excellent piece outlining key tips and strategies for protecting the physical infrastructure of your facility including power systems. But the job of hurricane preparedness isn’t done once your building’s structure is secure and backup power is ready. Now comes the important work of ensuring your servers and applications will be continuously available and protecting your data from loss.

High availability and disaster recovery solutions offer simple and intuitive methods of taking critical business data and applications and replicating them to a recovery server anywhere in the world—ideally to geographical areas that are not susceptible to hurricanes. And when you replicate changes to the data in real time, you can count on your replicated systems to be fully in sync with your production system. This means that even should a hurricane hit and your backup power fails, your business and customers can continue using your data and applications on your recovery server as if nothing happened—sometimes within a matter of seconds—because it is continually updated and ready for action.

Of course, high availability and disaster recovery isn’t just important for hurricane preparedness. Many businesses are seeing the standards for recovery time and data loss tighten more than ever. An environment that meets those standards year round will enjoy incredible brand reputation and a level of service that can lead its respective industry.

Learn more about the fundamentals of disaster recovery, including technical strategies to maintain high recovery standards, by downloading our One Essential Guide to Disaster Recovery. Also, don’t forget to attend our live webinar on HA/DR on June 7. There we will discuss what businesses are doing today to keep their data resilient, trending technologies, and exclusive stats and conclusions from Vision Solutions Insights. You can’t change the weather, and there is always a possibility that a natural disaster will affect your data center. So think one step ahead of Mother Nature and be prepared with an HA/DR recovery server that is fully in sync, ready and waiting.