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Acquisition of Enforcive Systems Puts IBM Power Security to the Forefront

Jul 06, 2017
  • Security

Vision Solutions recently made an exciting announcement of the acquisition of Enforcive Systems, a leading provider of IT security and compliance management solutions.

This acquisition marks the next step in Vision Solutions’ mission to provide layers of business resilience for IBM Power systems. Customers already know Vision’s line of HA/DR, migration and data replication software. But by adding a complete suite of security solutions from Enforcive’s catalog, Vision Solutions can now address critical issues stemming from attempted cyberattacks, security breaches and other sensitive events.

“There’s growing demand to provide interlocking layers of high availability and disaster recovery, security, and managed service solutions to completely envelop and protect a company’s critical systems and data, whether at rest or in motion,” said Nicolaas Vlok, CEO of Vision Solutions. “The convergence of these technologies and services in our portfolio demonstrates our further commitment to protecting businesses and keeping them compliant in our fast-paced world.”

Why add security? In recent studies by Vision Solutions Insights, IT professionals indicate compliance auditing and reporting as primary security measures they will address in the coming year. A fully integrated security suite that does everything from controlling access to conducting audits to providing reports will allow these professionals to meet all their goals within a single interface. By leveraging Vision’s trusted brand, financial strength, and global distribution, the Enforcive suite of solutions can reach a wider audience and play an even bigger role in the construction of next-generation resilient IT environments.

Learn more about the acquisition by reading our press release. Stay tuned for new product releases resulting from this acquisition. And don’t forget to look out for new webcasts, literature and other resources focused on IBM Power security.