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Disaster Recovery and Security Recovery: Keep Them Separate?

Sep 13, 2017
  • Security
  • HA/DR

Many organizations today face the decision whether to combine their disaster recovery and data security solutions or to keep them as two separate entities. There are some similarities between the two but also enough difference that professionals often ask what to do.

Disaster Recovery focuses mainly on the continuation of business after an incident, while security recovery focuses on the protection of information in the case of an incident. Both are essential to an organization.

How They Differ

A disaster recovery solution focuses on moving forward without much downtime. With a proper disaster recovery plan in place an organization can identify an issue and take the steps needed to recover their essential objects from a separate recovery server. This will minimize downtime and get the organization up and running quickly again.

A security recovery solution, on the other hand, will not focus on downtime of business operations, but will aim to protect and preserve information. This is equally important when an issue occurs. Customers or clients of an organization will want to know that their information is safe and not able to be accessed by someone not authorized to do so.

Is Separate Better?

A combined solution can be a better option for some organizations, but that depends on their own functionality and needs. In most cases, organizations will be better off with a focus on separate solutions. This way disaster recovery can deal with downtime and security recovery can keep information secured. There will be no concern with overlap and nothing will be passed over from resources being spread too thin.

Regardless of the choice that an organization may make, an attempt should still be made to employ these two types of recovery options, whether they be a combined or separate solution. A solidified plan is the most effective way to negate any loss of business or trust in an organization.

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