Consulting and Quick Start Services

A Variety of Options for Every Need and Budget

Our Quick Start and Consulting Services help you fully implement your HA/DR strategy in just a matter of days. From making it all work and handing you the keys to teaching you how to do it yourself onsite, we have a variety of options for every need and budget.

Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services quickly put our world-class high availability, disaster recovery and business continuity expertise to work for you. Structured around years of experience and industry best practices, each consulting service is customized to achieve your specific needs and scheduling. Comprehensive yet very cost efficient, Vision's Consulting Services can save you significant time and money while ensuring dependable results.

Quick Start Services

Vision Solutions’ Quick Start Services gets your HA/DR strategy up and running in just a matter of days. Choose from onsite or remote installation - or install your solution in a classroom setting at one of our global training facilities. With Vision’s Quick Start Services you’ll get:

  • Fastest time to value in the industry
  • Expert implementation based on proven best practices
  • Onsite or remote installation
  • Reduced time and labor obligations for your IT professionals
  • Accelerated solution ROI
  • Peak solution performance for your unique IT environment
  • No worries, surprises, or unexpected delays during installation

Consulting Services

Vision Managed Resilience Services
Many organizations purchase HA/DR and security with the intent of handling management in-house but quickly realize this may not be the best approach for a variety of reasons, from limited IT staff to lack of requisite expertise. Vision Solutions Managed Resilience Services offers a valuable alternative, protecting your mission-critical IBM i data with the highest levels of availability and security expertise while relieving the management burden on your staff.

Vision Managed Security Services
Vision Solution’s Managed Security offerings can put your mind at ease and allow you to focus your valuable time on other priorities. Our security experts put decades of experience to work protecting your system environments and ensure you get maximum benefit from your Enforcive security solution.

Vision Managed HA/DR Services
Vision experts provide comprehensive management and monitoring of your MIMIX, iTERA and OMS/ODS HA solution for you.

Compression While Active Service
Valuable disk space on your production server could be taken up by files and tables long deleted. “Compression While Active” from Vision Solutions takes back that space through a simple reorganization and recovery process that helps systems run more efficiently with near-zero downtime.

Migration Services
Need to move from one OS version to another? Have a hardware upgrade to complete in limited time? Vision Services helps you plan hardware or software migrations to minimize disruptions to your business.

Availability Test
Every high availability and data recovery solution needs to be tested from time to time. Vision experts perform a switch test on your HA/DR environment to troubleshoot any issues that could threaten your business. We verify that your recovery capabilities will be there for you.

Availability Update
Fully update your high availability/disaster recovery environment quickly, without interfering with your normal operations. Vision experts will review your existing high availability environment and will apply the most recent releases, fixes, and upgrades to bring your HA environment up-to-date.

Availability Tune-Up
Gain confidence in your HA plan. Ensure your HA/DR technology is fully up-to-date. Let our experts thoroughly evaluate your IBM I HA needs and then provide you with recommendations and modifications to help you better protect your IBM i data and applications.

iTERA Availability 6.1 Tune-Up
You’ll get more from your technology investment if you optimize the performance of your high availability environment. An Availability Tune-Up performed by Vision’s Professional Services experts includes upgrading your system to iTERA Availability 6.1 and configuration of new functionality.

MIMIX DR Consulting Services
Expert assistance is available from Vision Solutions’ Professional Services team to monitor and manage MIMIX DR and give you an extra set of hands when you need them. Four separate consulting services are available: MIMIX DR Test, MIMIX DR Failover Assistance, MIMIX DR Recovery Assistance, and Virtual Operator Services.

MIMIX Share Update
You’ll get more from your technology investment if you optimize the features and performance of your MIMIX® Share™ environment by updating to the latest version. Our best practice methodologies will put you in the best possible position to meet your MIMIX Share requirements and maximize the return on your investment.

IT Protection and Recovery Planning
There are many IT protection and recovery technologies, but only one thing is certain: one size does not fit all. Don’t let a technology choose you. Having an IT protection and recovery plan in place is essential to selecting appropriate technologies and strategies.

Quick Start Services

Vision HA for IBM i Quick Start Service
Get your high availability solution in place fast and enjoy total assurance that your critical workloads are protected. No worries, no waiting.

MIMIX DR Quick Start
MIMIX DR Quick Start jump-starts the implementation of your disaster recovery strategy. Your time and data are valuable. Protect them both with MIMIX DR Quick Start service.

MIMIX Share Quick Start Service
MIMIX Share Quick Start service provides expert assistance with the installation of MIMIX Share, as well as its configuration, and training.

MIMIX Availability for AIX Quick Start Service
MIMIX Availability for AIX Quick Start service speeds you software deployment. Let a Vision pro get you up and running for maximum protection in the minimum amount of time.