Vision Solutions University

Vision Solutions® University Helps You Get More from Your Investment in MIMIX® and iTERA™

Knowledge pays dividends, especially when it’s paired with best-in-class technology. That’s why Vision Solutions offers exceptional education and training on our MIMIX and iTERA solutions. Our training programs help you effectively plan, implement, monitor, audit, manage, and troubleshoot your investment in our Migration, Cloud, HA & DR and Cross-Platform Data Sharing solutions.

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You are free to choose the learning path and delivery method best suited to your organization’s unique skill and knowledge requirements. In addition, we offer Vision partners and customers certification on most products from Vision Solutions.

  • eLearning: The popularity of eLearning has grown exponentially over the past decade. eLearning includes all forms of computer and network supported learning. Take advantage of our self-paced eLearning courses to enable you to work at your own pace and learn as you go. Click here for a complete list of course offerings.

  • Instructor-Led Training: Our top-notch instructors bring to the classroom a broad range of hands-on experience and expertise in one of the most powerful product sets for data protection. They are well versed in implementing these products across various storage environments and they know how to transfer their knowledge to your staff. Our training offerings are flexible. You can attend regularly scheduled classes held in one of our offices, remotely via web conferencing, or we can deliver on-site training anywhere in the world. Please contact us for more information on customized, onsite education.

  • Private Classes: Tailored specifically to your needs, our private training is built around a specialized agenda, making it one of the most efficient ways to gain new knowledge and skills. Please contact us for additional information on customized training and education.

  • Certification: ForMIMIX and iTERA partners, certified instructors offer flexible training courses and varying levels of product certification to make you competent in configuring, deploying, and maintaining data replication and high availability products from Vision Solutions. Our Implementation Certification Program helps partners gain operational knowledge and comply with functional standards. Once certified on a specific product, partners with Implementation Certified staff can confidently implement that product on behalf of our customers. They will also be given access to additional technical documentation on the Support Central portal. Learn more about our Certification Programs here.

Whether you want to train just a few people on one of our products or you need to educate your entire IT staff, Vision Solutions University offers a wide range of training options. To receive more information or speak directly to a training expert please contact us at