Stay Switch-Ready with our Expert Managed Services

Vision Solutions Managed Services takes the burden off of your IT staff by handling the day-to-day management of your HA/DR environment to ensure you stay switch-ready.  Our experts can also perform periodic audits, annual switch tests, and provide status reports. We have service packages designed for every need and budget:

  • Bronze Level - We double check your environment and provide a monthly report on the health of your HA/DR systems.
  • Silver Level - Our experts perform health checks every business day, review the product audits, and provide basic error correction and weekly reports.
  • Gold Level - Receive all of the Silver Level services, plus we’ll install service packs and version upgrades and manage configuration settings. This package includes a yearly audit of your HA/DR environment.
  • Platinum Level - Receive all of the Gold Level services plus a role swap readiness review and role swap test once a year.
  • System i Optimize - Provides daily management of your System i environment using Vision Solutions iOptimize product.

Features of Vision Managed Services Levels

Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Weekly report of findings/changes made
Object repairs
Time limited
HA configuration adjustments
Audits performed
Product fixes and service packs installed
Annual HA audit
HA SW upgrade
  ⚫ Version upgrade
  ⚫ Feature review and training
Annual role swap readiness review
Annual HA role swap

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Vision Managed Services
Program Overview
Vision Solutions Managed Services
Vision Solutions Managed Services is the solid solution to boosting your bottom line, while increasing your IT environment’s resiliency. We offer day to day management of your Double-Take Availability, MIMIX Availability, iTERA Availability and OMS/ODS environments to ensure they remain role swap ready – plus, Vision Solutions Managed Services will ease the workload for your IT staff.
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Additional services can be added to packages:

  • Vision Solutions Managed Services PLUS extends monitoring from regular business days to 365 days a year.
  • 24x7 Monitoring means we’ll respond to errors reported via automated emails. A pre-Managed Services Assessment is required at the start of the service in order to determine what additional changes may be required before we assume monitoring.
  • Unplanned Switch Assistance trains your IT staff to perform an unplanned switch in case of a system outage. We’ll perform the unplanned switch on your behalf, including working with Vision CustomerCare as needed, then perform the switch back to the original production system.
  • Enhanced reporting for all Managed Services customers at the Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels. You’ll get an enhanced weekly report and the option for additional metrics.
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