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Vision Solutions products for cloud migration and data consolidation are FITARA compliant and have the certifications that federal agencies and organizations require. They allow you to work across secure IP networks or implement a 256-bit AES encrypted connection between servers for maximum security.

And for those strongly considering starting or bolstering their cloud infrastructure, the scalable, platform-independent technology of MIMIX Share allows you to be selective with the cloud you choose today and in the future.

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Migrate, Protect and Recover using Double-Take for the Federal Government
Vision Solutions is trusted by federal agencies and organizations for global services, and is the only company to deliver migrations, high availability, disaster recovery, and data sharing for the most critical of government needs.
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Getting to FedRamp:
Public Clouds Just Got Easy

Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure recently announced the latest, highest level of compliance by the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). You can now use our products to migrate all of your high-value and sensitive workloads and data to these public clouds with no data loss and near-zero downtime.

tech brief
Cloud Migration Center
Double-Take Cloud Migration Center is an online service that enables migrations from any Windows server to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, VMware vCloud Director, or OpenStack. This document provides a detailed technical briefing on the functionality and use of the Double-Take Cloud Migration Center and assumes that the reader will have at least a basic understanding of Cloud IaaS.
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Migration eBook
Time To Put The Migration Nightmare To Bed
Between downtime, failure, costs and other factors, there's a lot about migration that keeps even the best IT pros up at night. Read our eBook to learn more.
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Expect Better Cloud Migration Regardless of Source

As a unified solution, cloud computing is an excellent streamlined, cost-cutting solution – one that even suits agencies that continue to use different platforms and hardware environments. With our near-zero downtime, platform-independent migration solutions, onboarding is fast and easy. Your team will have the flexibility to migrate anything—servers, file systems, permissions and attributes—to the cloud without impacting daily operations.

Our cloud protection solutions make flexible recovery the norm, not the exception. Protect your servers in any configuration and recover with just a few clicks, including ground-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground and cloud-to-cloud recoveries.

Achieve a Modern IT Environment with Data Center Consolidation

Data consolidation allows for easy real-time migration or replication of different hardware, operating systems and database platforms. Our products make it easy to capture, transform, enhance and replicate database information so you can achieve greater productivity and better agility.



Vision Solutions makes migrating one or multiple databases to a single consolidated target easier than ever. And with hardware-agnostic technology, achieving a true any-to-any migration is now possible.


High Availability/Disaster Recovery

Our real-time replication is the basis of a data consolidation plan that demands availability and recovery. Always. Stay operational through any kind of outage, loss of personnel or other unplanned contingency.


Data Sharing

Federal agencies often need to access data from disparate databases. At its core, data consolidation allows for every organization to count on one source for all its data with the least amount of administration.

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